And So It Begins... Again

babylon 5

JMS made a very surprising and exciting announcement yesterday (see the entire thread for additional details):

JMS post about Babylon 5 reboot

The original Babylon 5 was groundbreaking in many ways - the serialized 5-year story arc, the special effects, and the complex web of events and genres woven together. Moreover, JMS developed rich, 3-dimensional characters, many …

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Q Returns

Q returns to Star Trek

Watch on YouTube

In a stunning announcement yesterday, we learn that Q will be making a return in season 2 of Star Trek: Picard! This is certainly some good fortune! With this announcement, and the clear theme of time in the above trailer, I'd like to reflect on some possibilities …

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Why I'm a Fan of Mark Knopfler's Music

Tracker album cover

There are many things I like about Mark Knopfler's work, both his solo albums as well as Dire Straits:

Personal Geography

The way he weaves memories from his own life (even seemingly mundane things) brings a personal connection to his music. For example, taking the train in Southbound Again, remembering …

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The Darktable Scene-Referred Workflow

final sydney opera house
Quickly get started with the darktable scene-referred workflow using easy, step-by-step instructions. Learn the purpose of each step rather than just clicking buttons and moving sliders, so these actions become intuitive when developing your photos.

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Star Trek: Picard


Throughout the past decade, in 2013, 2015, and 2018, I've written about what I believe to be the core of Star Trek and how a new series should carry on this important legacy. I am thrilled to report that Star Trek: Picard has fulfilled and surpassed these expectations. Let's explore …

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