Welcome to Avid Andrew, a place for me to share my thoughts, hobbies, photos, and software. I am an avid open-source software user, sysadmin, and developer. I use Arch Linux with KDE as my primary workstation and enjoy learning about UNIX-like operating systems, virtualization, and open-source software. My other hobbies include digital photography (primarily seascapes and sunsets), scifi (Babylon 5, Star Trek, etc), and classic cars.

Some technologies and software that I use:

  • AfterShot Pro - A powerful RAW processor and photo manager for Linux
  • ansible - A simple-to-use, flexible server orchestration tool
  • Arch Linux - an advanced and lightweight Linux distribution
  • bootstrap - a popular CSS, HTML, and JS framework for easily styling websites
  • KDE - the most advanced and configurable desktop environment
  • LXC/LXD - Linux containers for fast and easy virtualization; manage with a webapp using LXC Web Panel
  • Pelican - a Python-based static site generator
  • QEMU - an open-source hypervisor that is integrated with the Linux kernel
  • Ubuntu Linux - A stable, popular Debian-based Linux distribution
  • WINE - a re-implementation of the Windows ABI for Linux
  • atop - server monitoring over time
  • dokuwiki - an easy-to-setup wiki
  • git - an advanced, distributed version control system
  • gogs - a feature-rich web interface for hosting git repositories
  • jQuery - a powerful javascript library
  • libvirt - a universal virtualization API and set of command-line tools
  • pass - a simple password manager
  • pfSense - an advanced, open-source firewall based on FreeBSD
  • rsync - an advanced file synchronization utility
  • sanoid - automatically create and rotate ZFS snapshots
  • sshuttle - easily tunnel all your traffic over an SSH connection
  • tmux - a fantastic terminal multiplexer

See my ansible-playbooks git repository for playbooks to deploy several of these services and configure your own storage and virtualization servers. Also the awesome-selfhosted github page is an excellent resource for more great software.