Welcome to Avid Andrew, a place to share my thoughts on digital photography, science fiction, and open-source software.

Some useful technologies:

  • Ansible - A simple-to-use, flexible server orchestration tool
  • Arch Linux - an advanced and lightweight Linux distribution
  • atop - server monitoring over time
  • Darktable - A powerful RAW processor and photo manager for Linux
  • Git - an advanced, distributed version control system
  • LXD - Linux containers for fast and easy virtualization
  • Obsidian - an intuitive, powerful note-taking application
  • pfSense - an advanced, open-source firewall based on FreeBSD
  • QEMU - an open-source hypervisor that is integrated with the Linux kernel
  • Sanoid - automatically create and rotate ZFS snapshots
  • tmux - a fantastic terminal multiplexer
  • Ubuntu Linux - A stable, popular Debian-based Linux distribution
  • WINE - a re-implementation of the Windows ABI for Linux

See my ansible git repository for playbooks to deploy several of these services and configure your own storage and virtualization servers. Also the awesome-selfhosted github page is an excellent resource for more great open-source software.