Changing Colors

When developing a photo, you may want to change the color of an object or set of objects in a scene. In this example, the autumn colors were just starting to change but would have appeared much more dramatic a week or two later. Let's show how we can use darktable with a couple of different methods to shift the scene to this later, more dramatic time period.

Reflections on Reflections

Using a circular polarizer and knowing how to selectively enhance contrast with the local contrast module can make reflections stand out and give an image a much more dramatic look.

The Unlikely Story of Michael Garibaldi

Against all odds, the story of Michael Garibaldi is one of hope and the possibility of happy endings. Although he may be most easily recognized for his role as Chief of Security, his friendship with Jeffrey Sinclair, or his great sense of humor (fasten-zip, peekaboo, etc), in fact his biggest lesson is to never give up trying for a better tomorrow. As we celebrate Babylon 5's 30th anniversary, let's explore what makes Mr. Garibaldi such a compelling character.

Star Trek: Picard Series Review

Star Trek: Picard ended its third and final season recently with a phenomenal conclusion that explored powerful themes and reaffirmed that the core values and ideas of Star Trek are once again present in modern Star Trek. Let's review each season and cover the major themes.

Getting Started With Gear

Getting started with digital photography can seem intimidating because of the price of cameras, lenses, and accessories. Moreover, the myriad of choices of brands adds to the complexity. Fortunately, there is a surprisingly simple solution to getting started.