Artistically Blending Colors Into A Scene

final improved sunset image using the colorize module
Maybe you just missed the peak colors of a sunset, or maybe you just want to apply an artistic interpretation to a photo. Darktable offers powerful and easy-to-use tools for blending new colors into a scene; let's take a closer look at some different techniques for how to do this.

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Adjusting The Shadows and Highlights Using Tone Equalizer

final improved view of Haleakala
It's hard to overstate the power of the tone equalizer module in darktable: it can perform tone adjustments on the whole image or only a certain luminance range and preserve details throughout the process. This module has a lot of options, which can seem intimidating at first (especially if coming from Adobe Lightroom), so let's look at several example images to see how to use it.

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Ubiquitous JPEGs Have Conditioned Us To Think Hue Shifts Are Normal

final improved flower using filmic
At first glance, the flower above might look fine. However, there is a hue shift going on which makes the flower look green/yellow even though it should be an orange/yellow. This phenomenon is present on a huge number of the JPEGs generated on-the-fly (also know as out-of-camera JPEGs) from smartphones and other devices.

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