Star Trek: Picard


Throughout the past decade, in 2013, 2015, and 2018, I've written about what I believe to be the core of Star Trek and how a new series should carry on this important legacy. I am thrilled to report that Star Trek: Picard has fulfilled and surpassed these expectations. Let's explore …

Using OpenCL with Darktable and ROCm


I recently purchased an AMD Raedon RX 570 GPU in order to accelerate Darktable processing operations using OpenCL. It looks like ROCm, AMD's open-source OpenCL implementation, should work. However, the process to install ROCm and enable image support on Arch Linux was not intuitive, so I'm documenting it here.

Before …

Web Launcher 1.3 Released

Web Launcher

A new version of Web Launcher, 1.3.x, is out now with the following major improvements:

  • support for Lubuntu 18.04
  • Wake-on-LAN capabilities to wake up Viewers from sleep (or even better manage Viewers which don't support WOL)
  • improved auto-discovery of viewers, especially for the mouse
  • support for automatically …

Down The Road Wherever

Down The Road Wherever

Mark Knopfler's latest solo album, Down The Road Wherever (YouTube), is perhaps his best work since Shangri-La. His other recent albums (even including Get Lucky, which I reviewed here), have felt too folky for my taste and lacked hints of Dire Straits rock. Down The Road Wherever reduces the folk …

A Royal Conclusion

I've really enjoyed watching Royal Pains over the last eight years, but it took seeing the finale to be able to really articulate why I like it so much: all of the characters give, and through their giving they receive what they need. For example, Hank helped so many people …

Ansible - Templating Config Files

Ansible is a fantastic technology that allows you to deploy and manage servers easily and in a repeatable fashion. One thing that can be tricky is using templates to create complex configuration files. In this example, I'll demonstrate how to use nested variables to create a sample Sanoid config file …