2011 - The Year of The Linux Desktop

elementary desktop
Every year, members of the Linux community debate this question - will this be the year of the Linux desktop? Each passing year results in the same answer to this question - not yet. I think that 2011 is going to mark the end of this trend and see the beginning of a rise in use of Linux on the desktop because of several new and exciting projects.

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Doctor Who - The Big Bang

Doctor Who

It was definitely a heartfelt ending. I was skeptical to say the least of Matt Smith being able to fill David Tennant's shoes as The Doctor, but he has really done a superb job, especially with the 2nd half of the season. He brings a totally new element to The …

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MobaSSH provides an easy-to-use SSH server on Windows!

Openssh Logo

As you know, I'm a Linux fan and can't live without remote SSH access to my boxes. Recently, I was forced to put together a Windows server instead of a Linux one in order to run my MagicJack (unfortunately, Virtualbox's USB Audio drivers aren't very good). I wanted to have …

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