The Protests in Madison

The events unfolding during the past weeks in Madison, WI have been an incredible and educational experience. Being at the heart of this issue (because it is occurring right here where I live) has shed light on how the national media has unfortunately not been reporting the facts and details …

The President Arrives on Campus


Today was a historic day for Madison and the University of Wisconsin. Barack Obama is the 3rd sitting president in history to visit the UW Campus, 60 years after Harry Truman. Students and residents packed the streets in a seemingly endless line stretching from Library Mall down Park Street, University …

Doctor Who - The Big Bang


It was definitely a heartfelt ending. I was skeptical to say the least of Matt Smith being able to fill David Tennant's shoes as The Doctor, but he has really done a superb job, especially with the 2nd half of the season. He brings a totally new element to The …

MobaSSH provides an easy-to-use SSH server on Windows!

Openssh Logo

As you know, I'm a Linux fan and can't live without remote SSH access to my boxes. Recently, I was forced to put together a Windows server instead of a LInux one in order to run my MagicJack (unfortunately, Virtualbox's USB Audio drivers aren't very good). I wanted to have …

James Callis Moves to Eureka


I have to admit, I wasn't very excited about the return of Eureka this season. Don't get me wrong, I think it is a great scifi show and really some of the best content on TV. I just wasn't in a rush or overly excited to start in on this …

Two In The Morning and There's One Green Light

Dire Straits never ceases to awe me. Thanks to Nate for telling me about these poignet lyrics from Single Handed Sailor:

Two in the morning but there is one green light... and the man on a barge of sand

Here they are, live in Germany on February 16th, 1979:

The Importance of Light


Before I started getting serious about digital photography, I never realized the importance and ever-changing nature of light. The difference between an average photo and a breathtaking shot, an amateur point-and-click and a delicate composition, is often simply a matter of light. Let's look at a few concrete examples:


light feel …

Way to Go, Steve


As you have probably heard by now, Steve Jobs recently responded to the escalating Adobe-Apple conflict with a detailed and open letter explaining his thoughts on flash. Since the letter was published, there have been numerous responses (1, 2, 3...) to his letter, many of which try and accuse Apple …