Return of the Dream Canteen

Fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are graced with not one but two beautiful, rich albums in 2022 with the return of John Frusciante (and Rick Rubin). The overall theme I see in this new album is everyone performing at the top of their game. As is often the case with RHCP, the magic of these 4 musicians working together results in something incredible and greater than the sum of its parts. Some of my favorite tracks:

  • Tippa My Tongue - a very funky tune referring back to their earlier albums like Blood Sugar Sex Magick. Funky monks are on the run!
  • Peace and Love - a positive message featuring such a funky bassline at the beginning and beautiful John harmonies; I also like Anthony's shout out to his sister
  • Eddie - I love the smooth flow of the first minute of the song, but the chorus feels week compared to the beginning
  • Fake as Fu@k - a funky and fun tune; the trumpet is a surprisingly welcome addition to the second half
  • Bella - such a catchy chorus; this one is an instant RHCP classic
  • Afterlife - a beautiful chorus and an energetic, groovy bassline. Once again, John's backing vocals really shine
  • Shoot Me a Smile - such a positive, uplifting song; Anthony's quatrain stanzas throughout this song are an impressive rhyming structure and make it flow really well
  • Handful - a smooth, memorable chorus reminiscent of late 90s alternative rock bands
  • In the Snow - similar to Tangelo, this song features Anthony reflecting deeply on his life

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