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In a stunning announcement yesterday, we learn that Q will be making a return in season 2 of Star Trek: Picard! This is certainly some good fortune! With this announcement, and the clear theme of time in the above trailer, I'd like to reflect on some possibilities for Season 2.


I was immediately reminded of Picard's speech about time from Star Trek: Generations. Some relevant points:

  • he reflects on the loss of the Enterprise D, which was featured prominently in the painting in the trailer
  • in Generations, he is also referring to the recent loss of René and Robert and the fact that he never had children
  • time is also a theme from the Nexus, where time has no meaning and you can travel anywhere in time. Moreover, Picard's experience in the Nexus revolved around his reflection on having children and a family

Given these points along with Picard's words in the trailer and the Stargazer model being prominently featured, I wonder if the theme of time will involve Picard finally being reunited with Beverly Crusher and forming a deeper, romantic relationship. This theme was explored in the TNG Relaunch book series and would make sense in the context of the Stargazer and following the events at the end of Season 1.

Because the tablet from B'hala was also featured, another possibility is that The Prophets are responsible for some form of time travel.


It is extremely exciting to look forward to more interactions between Q and Picard (see here for an interview with John de Lancie about his reprisal of Q). Often times Q is viewed as a childish, arrogant nuisance for Picard, but I think he is actually much more complex. For example, he helped Picard realize the value of his past in Tapestry and also helped Picard solve the puzzle across time and space in All Good Things. Moreover, Q's relationship with Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager and the events of the war in the Q Continuum demonstrate that he has grown and is interested in humanity for more than just amusement.

Another facet of Q that I am excited to see is his relationship with Guinan. Because Sir Patrick Stewart invited Whoopi Goldberg to reprise her role as Guinan, we know that she will be in Season 2 and it seems very likely that she will interact with Q in some way given their mysterious history. She is also an ideal symbol for the theme of time given how long El-Aurians live.


These details all bode well for a fantastic Season 2 featuring strong themes and rich characters.

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