The Computer Paradigm Shift

In case you didn't already know, the iPad will go on sale tomorrow. This event marks the beginning of the next great leap forward for computers. This shift takes computers from the "desktop" model of managing files, folders, and devices to a task-centric model which abstracts these things from the …

Time-Lapse Water Photography

This weekend I visited Beloit, WI and had the opportunity to try out my new 8x ND filter as well as my circular polarizer when I came across this dam on the Rock River. I have always admired the silky, smooth effect you can create with running water when you …

The Rose Lights

I had the pleasure of seeing this band at their opening concert at the High Noon Saloon tonight. They have a rich, vibrant sound that feels right at home with classic and modern rock as well as alternative. I look forward to purchasing their first cd when it comes out …


Falmouth Town Landing Sunrise

This photo surpasses beauty. Truly stunning, breathtaking. This is why I love photography and is truly an inspiration to me.
I hope to one day take a sunrise photo as beautiful as this.

The iPad - My Thoughts

iPad Image

Finally it is here. There has been a lot of negative reactions to Apple's new iPad. Remember the reaction to the first iPod or the iPhone? Many of the complaints are things that can (and hopefully will) be addressed with software updates. This is a major new product which means …

Sanctuary - Sleepers


Another excellent episode of Sanctuary. I am continually impressed by the rich mythology of this show. After the exploration of the Ancients and their history in the Stargate franchise, I really began to appreciate how well those shows weaved their mythology together. However, I have been even more impressed with …

Bluetooth Support for Toshiba Laptops on Ubuntu

bluetooth logo

It has taken a long while for me to figure out how to get the bluetooth adapter in my Toshiba a200/a205 laptop to work with linux. I am currently running Linux Mint 8, which is a derivative of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic. These instructions and tools apply specifically to …

Mac OS X Theme for Google Reader

Update (12/13/09): I've posted an updated version with an enhanced rollover on menu items.

Note: I did not create this theme. That credit goes to m.mike kondo.

This excellent skin for Google Reader has a few bugs because of updates Google has issued since the script was …

Sanctuary - Veritas

What a fantastic episode of scifi. This week on Sanctuary brought a suspenseful and fast paced thriller to this already great series.

WARNING: the following review contains spoilers for the season 2 episode Veritas. After the nice character development for Henry last week, this episode was a refreshing fast-paced mystery …

Linux Today Userscript

Linux Today

Have you ever been reading an RSS feed (e.g. for Digg) and when you click on an article in the feed it takes you to the intermediate site and not the original article? This often wastes a lot of time reading news items because you end up visiting twice …