A Successful New Star Trek Series

Title image captured by NASA


As you have probably heard, CBS announced that a new Star Trek series will premiere in January 2017! This is very exciting news for Star Trek fans, as Enterprise has been off the air for 10 years now. However, with this opportunity comes great …

The Fantastic Star Trek Lit Universe


Ever since Star Trek Enterprise went off the air, there has been a void, a lack of new Star Trek TV or movies available to fans. The NuTrek films (the 2009 Star Trek reboot and subsequent movies set in an alternate universe) do not count, because although they are …

Understanding NFS Caching

Filesystem caching is a great tool for improving performance, but it is important to balance performance with data safety. Caching over NFS involves caches at several different levels, so it is not immediately obvious which combination of options ensures a good compromise between performance and safety.

Client-side caching

the NFS …

This Is What's Missing From JJ Abram's Star Trek

I'm thrilled that Star Trek has returned to the big screen and that JJ Abrams has helped increase its popularity amongst mainstream viewers. This is very important to the franchise in order to attract new fans and continue to grow and produce new Star Trek content. However, I am concerned …

Perhaps Obama Has Outsmarted Us All

Obama Inauguration 2013

In January 2009, Americans felt hope and promise at the dawn of a new era: the first African American was sworn in as president and he offered a different view of the world - one of hope and change. Steeped in historical significance, this event was marred by the constant reminder …